Eclipse 101 at Windrock Park!

Where will you be on Monday, August 21, 2017?  We hope that you go get those crazy cardboard glasses and head up to the Overlook off of G9 at Windrock Park to view the Eclipse!  We’ve had lots of questions about this awe inspiring event!  Below are a few photos showing path and time!

(The red dot close to Knoxville & Clinton is Oliver Springs, TN)

(Duration and totality if you are on the Mountain)

We hope this helps you with the decision of coming to Windrock Park to view amazing event!  Please don’t forget to stop at the Windrock Park General Store to grab your permit before you ride up to the Overlook.  Make sure you buy your eclipse glasses!  If you forget, we have some for sale at the Windrock Park General Store.  Enjoy!

Windrock Park