The Devils Triangle, just north of Oak Ridge (TN) in the mountains of the Cumberland Plateau, is made up of some of the most unusual two lane twisted roads in eastern Tennessee and is a popular route for street bikes. Much like The Dragon, the Devil’s Triangle is rural Tennessee scenery at its best! These roads will take you on a scenic adventure with a view of Brushy Mountain State Prison, peaceful farmsteads and rustic countryside. You’ll ride gentle country road sweepers to steep switchbacks; serene straights to Dragon like twisties. This set of curvy roads will prove to be packed full of excitement for you and your street bike.

Windrock Park Campground is located right off of Hwy. 62 and is a centrally located, convenient choice for lodging, while riding the Devil’s Triangle. Please call 865-435-1251 for availability on cabins, RV sites, or primitive camping!