Rules & Regulations

The following rules ad regulations must be followed by all visitors to Windrock Park:

  • Release forms must be signed by all persons entering the Windrock Park Trail System and a COPY OF THIS FORM MUST BE IN POSSESSION OF THE PERSON AT ALL TIMES.
  • A LAND USE PERMIT must be displayed on the vehicle in a clearly visible area.
  • Maintain a 5mph limit in all staging/parking areas.  Mandatory speed limit of 10 mph on Trail P-1 (paved access road).
  • Travel is limited to marked trails.  No hill climbing except on marked trails.
  • Stay away from all reclaimed mined areas, active mining areas, logging operations and gas/oil facilities.
  • DO NOT LITTER ON THE PROPERTY. Violators will be barred from the property.
  • Tires with studs are not allowed.
  • Firing of weapons is strictly prohibited. NO TARGET PRACTICE!
  • Be considerate of others using the trails and report any unauthorized or illegal behavior observed.
  • No alcohol, fireworks or open fires on the trail system.
  • The harvesting of Ginseng, cutting of firewood or other collection of fieldstone or any other product is NOT allowed without an additional permit.
  • Streams and stream beds will be avoided where possible. Should any water crossing be necessary, the permittee will make such crossing only on or over marked trails, strictly complying with posted rules and regulations and avoiding creation of any erosion or stream bed sediment.


Each person entering Windrock Park, no matter their age or activity, must have a Land User permit

Learn More about Permits

Safety Equipment

Proper safety equipment must be worn at all times.
It is up to the rider to choose and provide their own safety equipment. A common question asked is “are helmets required?” The answer is YES if you are under 18 years of age. If you are 18 or older, we recommend all users wear helmets. Due to the mountainous terrain, helmets, pads and heavy-duty boots and clothing are highly recommended.

Windrock Park