Windrock Park 2017 Spring Jamboree Results!

So now the sun is shining after what became the Flood Jamboree of 2017!  Regardless of the weather, we still had a great time and hope you did the same!  Check out the results from several events that still took place in the muddy fun!

Windrock Park 2017 Spring Jamboree Event Winners
ATV Rodeo
Sport Class
1st Place: Jeremy Marshall 1:08.23
2nd Place: Max Stout 1:12.13
3rd Place: Daniel Ruiz 1:14.90
Utility Class
1st Place: Dave Quattrocchi 1:01.89
2nd Place: George Patton 1:03.60
3rd Place: Landen Shultz 1:08.46
SxS Class
1st Place: Tanner Gregory 1:23.94
2nd Place: James Pharis 1:30.94
Windrock Challenge Obstacle Course
Sport Class
1st Place: Jay Gunter 3:05.85
2nd Place: Bradley Case 7:07.37
3rd Place: Konner Web 7:40.78
Utility Class
1st Place: Justin Russell 1:07.69
2nd Place: Jonathan Perry 1:22.97
3rd Place: Jonathon Grafelman 1:55.46
SxS Class
1st Place: Steve Robinson 2:15.00
2nd Place: Desiree Hebert 2:15.93
3rd Place: John Hixon 2:20.19
Drag Race
Cancelled due to weather
Mud Bog
Kids (10 years old & under 0-299cc)
1st Place: Paige Hebert 20.34
2nd Place: Karson Manning 25.32
3rd Place: Cayden Black 26.94
U1 0-600cc
1st Place: Ryan McGlynn
U2 601cc +
1st Place: Jonathan Grafelman
2nd Place: Justin Dowda
U3 Twin Cylinder
1st Place: James Harris
2nd Place: Jade Seigler
3rd Place: James Hebert
SxS A 0-750cc
1st Place: Jason Grafelman
SxS B 751-850cc
1st Place: Desiree Hebert
2nd Place: Wreck ‘n Ralph
SxS C 851cc +
1st Place: Adrian Leonard
2nd Place: Ethan Masengill
3rd Place: Chris Perry
SxS Turbo
1st Place: Tanny Gregory
2nd Place: Mark Pharris
1st Place: Adrian Leonard
2nd Place: James Hebert
3rd Place: James Harris
Ladies Dash for Cash
Under 16
Anna Leonard
16 & Over
Sarah Lilly
Grand Prize Winners
Yamaha Kodiak 700
Bo Nix
Yamaha Raptor 90
Lucas Justice


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