Mountain Bike Trails

Windrock Park has East Tennessee’s best downhill mountain bike course and some amazing cross-country trails as well. The downhill trails and cross-country trails are all aggressive and rated difficult to extreme and geared towards expert riders. They consist of steep, rocky and technical descents with many trail features such as natural and man-made drops and jumps.


The most recent addition to Windrock Park is the Windrock Bike Park created by Neko Mulally and Sean Leader.  The Downhill Mountain Bike Trails have been upgraded for some smooth, technical riding that can only be had here at Windrock Bike Park.  With 550 acres and 9 trails with a 2150’ drop you will not be disappointed!  Please check out for more information.

Shuttle Service Days:

  • $35 per day Saturday – Sunday 10 am to 5 pm
  • $250 Season Pass
    • Winter Season (November 1 – April 30)
    • Summer Season (May 1 – October 31)

Self-Shuttle Days:

  • $10 per day Monday – Friday

*Cross-country bike trails are excluded from Windrock Bike Park.

Windrock Park